Travel Series #2 – A Soundtrack for Parisian Hotel Rooms

March 23, 2014 § Leave a comment


Brassai – Morris Column in the Fog, 1932

Paris is one of the cities I know best, so it comes as no surprise that my first assignments this season will have me guiding there for much of April and all of May. I’ve been busy with research for the past couple of weeks, and there’s a series of posts on the City of Light in the works for this spring, but I thought I’d start with a little instant gratification: a mix I listened to last year when I stayed in various Parisian hotels for a few weeks.

The thing about traveling for a living is that you don’t get to make your own schedule very often – at least that’s the case in my line of work, which has me accompanying groups of up to fifty people all over Europe on a strict schedule. I love my job, but there’s no mistaking it for a holiday. The exception? Those couple of hours in the evening, just as the sun is setting over whichever city I find myself in, when I can have a glass of wine and write. This mix is my go-to soundtrack – I hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me.


Edward Hopper – Hotel Room

TRAVEL SERIES #2. Living out of a suitcase: A cinematic mix for long mornings and slow nights [click here to stream]

01. Cigarettes – Russian Red
02. Champagne Coast – Blood Orange
03. Misery Loves Company – New Build
04. Pretty Face – Soley
05. Pure Shores – All Saints
06. Toxic – Yael Naim
07. Man with the Movie Camera – The Cinematic Orchestra
08. Un, deux, trois – Saint Privat
09.  Low Battery – Jaga Jazzist
10. Le prochain amour – Jacques Brel
11. L’ombre et la lumiere – Coralie Clement
12. Ever Fallen in Love – Nouvelle Vague


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